MOUNTAIN DIRECTORY – A Mountain Driving Guide for Truckers & RV Drivers

If you have ever traveled in an RV, Motorhome or a Semi-Truck, then you probably know what it is like to travel down steep mountain passes. Here, you will find an extensive mountain driving guide written by a man who had similar experiences. He spent time collecting information on how to safely travel across the mountains. Now he is here to share this information with you.


Mountain Driving

Introducing the Mountain Directory Ebooks!
A Comprehensive Mountain Driving Guide For Safe Driving

R&R Publishing Inc. has dedicated their time to make mountain driving a little safer for truckers and RV’ers. They have been collecting and publishing information about mountain passes and steep grades since 1993. The Mountain Directory Ebooks giMountain Driving Steep Gradeve the locations and descriptions of over 700 mountain passes and steep grades in 22 states.

The Mountain Directory ebooks tell you where the steep grades are, how long they are and how steep they are. It tells whether the road is two lane, three lane, or four lane. If there are escape ramps, switchbacks, sharp curves, speed limits, etc. With this mountain driving guide, one can know ahead of time what a pass is like and make an informed decision about whether to go over or around it.   GO HERE FOR FULL DETAILS!



The printed versions of the Mountain Directory Ebooks for mountain driving include:

  • Almost 240 pages of text and color relief maps which are downloadable
  • A West Directory Ebook
  • An East Directory Ebook
  • A Combination Directory Ebook of both East and West


The purpose of this mountain driving guide is not to discourage drivers from going where they please. It is only to inform them of the conditions they may encounter and to encourage them to make sure their equipment is in good repair.



Mountain Driving


Travel with safety with this mountain driving guide – It provides safety from knowledge and information about navigating through the Mountain Grades and Terrain.

Traveling is fun, enjoyable and relaxing. It is a great way to take in the sites and learn all about new places. But when you travel, you want to make sure you are prepared for anything such as weather, road conditions and anything else that might come up. The Mountain Directory is a good place to start for your traveling adventure.