If you are looking for soap products that are chemical free and made from the finest natural ingredients, then Soapcreek CompanHandmade Artisan Soapy is your place to shop. With the finest Handmade Artisan Soap available, you will find that their ingredients are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and other harsh chemicals to ensure a more natural approach to body care. Essential oils, natural clays, minerals, butters, and herbs are used in place of harmful chemicals found in traditional body care products.Handmade Artisan Soap

Listen to what healthywomen.org has to say about fragrances and other chemicals do to the human body.

“Chemicals in common soaps are no joke. They can disrupt our hormones, promote allergies, lead to reproductive issues and increase risk of some cancers. With serious side effects like these, we need to be particular about what we put on our skin. That’s why I choose Handmade Artisan Soap.

Here are four chemicals I watch out for when buying soap (and you should, too):


Bottom line: If the ingredient is vague, it’s probably hiding something. “Fragrance” could actually be a cocktail of chemicals and you’d never know it. The FDA doesn’t require companies to disclose the breakdown of a fragrance’s ingredients to consumers. The chemicals that produce fragrance are considered “trade secrets.” Most of the time, synthetic chemicals and cancer-causing toxins (like phthalates, used to make fragrances last longer) are hiding under that one sneaky term. Constant exposure to fragrances has been shown to negatively impact the central nervous system and can trigger allergies, migraines and asthma symptoms.


These ingredients are estrogen mimickers. Meaning that once applied to the skin, they enter the bloodstream. The body mistakes them for estrogen. When the body thinks there is an abnormally high amount of estrogen present in the bloodstream due to the presence of these hormone disrupters, it reacts in various ways. It decreases muscle mass, increases fat deposits, causes early onset of puberty and spurring reproductive difficulties in both men and women.


These chemicals are used to produce lather and bubbles in soap. Some common sulfates are SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate). Sulfates strip the skin of its natural oils and increase penetration of the skin’s surface. They are also irritants for people with sensitive skin or eczema.


This chemical is most often found in antibacterial soap. Recent studies have found that triclosan actually promotes the emergence and growth of bacteria resistant to antibiotic cleansers. It also creates dioxin, a carcinogen that has been found in high levels in human breast milk. Dioxins have disruptive effects on the endocrine system and negatively affect thyroid functions. And here’s a fun fact: dioxin is the primary toxic component of Agent Orange!”

Why I choose Organic Soaps

ThisHandmade Artisan Soap is why I go to great lengths to pick healthy organic products for me and my family. We have enough breathable toxins in our environment to deal with without adding chemicals to clean ourselves with. It’s not necessary. I feel that it is an advertising hoax to make you think that you need commercial antibacterial soaps to stay clean. I personally love soaps that come from Soapcreek because of the great organic ingredients used. And the great lengths they go to to ensure your getting a great wholesome product.

1 drop of lemon essential oil has more antibacterial cleaning power than any antibaterial soap on the market? Other amazing antibacterial essential oils used in soap would include lavender, orange, tea tree, rosemary, sandlewood, balsam peru, sage and eucalyptus. And you will find many of these essential oils in the Handmade Artisan Soap from Soapcreek CompanyYou will find soaps such as Candy Cane, Carrot Honey, Chocolate Mint, Eucalyptus Tea, and White Rose, just to name a few.

You can find creams, Lip Blends, Spa Emulsions, and Hand and Body Emulsions. There are so many great products to choose from for all different skin types.Handmade Artisan Soap

Even the celebrities use this soap. James Anderson, Patricia Kara, Denise Garcia, Desiree Mitchell, Chris Jay and Ranella. If they trust it, why wouldn’t you?

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