There is so much to know about essential oils. Your goal is to learn how to use essential oils to balance the body.  So where do you start?

First off, you need to make sure that the essential oils you purchase are certified 100% pure organic therapeutic grade oils. Preferably wild crafted. There are companies that add synthetic chemicals and water to the oils. You want to stay away from these companies. You want to stick with companies that have done extensive research and offer available help and education in using the oils. This is something I have researched over and over for the past four years.


What are the steps to using essential oils to balance the body?

There are a number of things I have learned and experienced when using the oils…

1. Essential oils should be adaptable to your body. 

If you don’t like an oil or you have a reaction, it is not necessarily for you. Although sometimes a reaction like sleepiness or a headache can be a sign of detoxing, you should never allow anyone to tell you to continue to use an oil if you don’t feel comfortable using it. My suggestion: make sure you test an oil in a small area on your skin to assure that you do not have a reaction. Always start by smelling the oils first and then apply them to the skin. Just by doing this, you can tell if they are adaptable to your body. You don’t want to apply more than three oils at one time. You can apply them as often as you like throughout the day to give you support. provides information on how often to apply the oils.

essential oils to balance the body

2. The oils will detox 

You might end up with a slight headache at first. If that’s the case, use them every other day for a week or use them less times in a day until your body gets use to them. My suggestion: when starting off with the oils, apply them one time a day for a few days and then increase the applications as time goes on.
NOTE: I personally have never had this issue.


3. There are oils that become your “Go To’s”. 

They work well with your body.  They will fulfill certain needs in your body. These are the essential oils to balance the body. You will not be able to get enough of them. Over time, however, they can fulfill that need and then they are no longer your “Go To’s”. My suggestion: You need to listen to your body and if an oil no longer works, then switch to a different one.

4. How do you know if an oil is not working for you anymore or it’s not your “Go To”?

If you hold the essential oil up to your nose and you can no longer smell it or it becomes weak or it becomes a smell that does not resonate with you, then it is probably not for you or it has balanced you and it’s time to give it up and try something new.


5. There are different ways to use essential oils to balance the body.

I choose two. The number one way is through the “Old Factory Sense.”  This is the sense of smell and it is the most powerful way of using them. Taking 3 to 4 deep breaths while breathing in the oil really works. You can do this several times a day. I talk more about this in step 6.

Another way to use the oils is to apply them on different organs or other parts of the body. You can apply them to pressure points on your ears, the bottom of your feet, your wrists, forehead or the back of your neck.

Essential oils are very strong and you only need to apply two to three drops at a time. You can do this several times a day. They aren’t as effective if you apply more than the two to three drops. Less is always better! Jodi Cohen, the founder of VibrantBlueOils, provides charts and information to know which oil works for which parts of the body and where to apply them.

6. Why do essential oils work?

Jodi Cohen, of VibrantBlueOils, lists many different reasons in her book, “Healing with Essential Oils“. She talks about how they break the blood brain barrier, when breathing them in. “They move into the Limbic System of the brain which is the control center for emotions and feelings along with hunger, thirst and sex drive”.

She goes on to say, “that essential oils are powerful tools for dealing with emotional challenges, like anxiety, depression, fear, worry, grief, trauma, anger and self-abuse”.

The skin is our largest organ and is permeable to fat-soluble substances like essential oils. When you apply them anywhere on your body, they move quickly to the area your body needs attention the most. In Conclusion, use essential oils to balance the body and promote healing when breathing them in. essential oils to balance the body

7. Always use the oils according to the direction of those you buy them from.

Make sure you purchase them from companies you can trust. Find out if they have been working with the oils for a long period of time and can offer help and valuable information. I choose to purchase my oils from because of the extensive research done by Jodi Cohen.

She offers classes and lots of very valuable information. Her oils are 100% pure therapeutic and wildcrafted. She shares specific charts that that helps you to identify where you can place the oils on your body for the most healing.


My Experience:

essential oils to balance the bodyWhen I first started using essential oils, I didn’t realize the powerful effects they could have to balance my body and keep me from getting sick. I became very serious about studying essential oils when I became sick in 2013. I have done much research on how effective the oils can be on the human body.

This is what led me to really believe in the healing power of the oils. I read books, took an extensive class on the effects of using the oils to detox the brain and body, and have experimented with how different oils adapt to my body. I also studied how single oils and blended oils work. And found out that blending them is actually more effective for the body.

After suffering from many urinary tract infections over a period of two years, and taking antibiotics time and time again and not seeing any results from the meds., but only getting worse, I quickly turned to other natural, holistic sources for my healing. 

When I left the doctor’s office for the last time in May of 2013, he told me that I would continue to have urinary tract infections if I didn’t get surgery to correct the problem, and he told me I had another serious infection that developed but couldn’t find it. I knew the option of antibiotics was out!  So I traveled down the road of holistic healing using 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten free foods and essential oils. 

Someone told me once that a certain oil would heal my UTI’s. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to apply that oil to make that happen at the time. When my body finally crashed, that’s when my research began. 


essential oils to balance the body

Use essential oils to support your immune system and keep parasites and other toxins out! Use essential oils to balance the body and your gut!

For more information on using essential oils to balance the body and how you can purchase them for yourself, Go Here…

The nutritionist who is the founder of this company is Jody Cohen, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She and her team have done extensive research on the oils. How they oils respond to the body both physically, mentally and emotionally. She works with farmers that organically grow the crops and all oils are tested in their labs to ensure 100% quality and purity.

Her company carries blends and single oils that work specifically with the organs to bring around some of the best healing. She and her team have used these oils in research to see the effects on people with different problems. They have had great results working with these oils and have helped many people to heal.

The oil prices are very reasonable. She offers classes and lots of information. I have used her oils for my adrenal fatigue, anxiety and hormonal and digestion issues and they really have helped me a lot.  Her oils are therapeutic.


Vibrant Blue Oils